Scheels Sports

Sioux Falls, SD

The addition to Scheels proved to be an intriguing challenge that we are proud to have completed on time and within budget. The exterior was constructed with 41' tall metal studs attached to a rigid frame structure. The job site did not allow room for material storage, so we quickly adopted, and coordinated with our suppliers to solve a logistical challenge in delivering and erecting such tall studs with minimal room.

The height and size of the addition offered us a chance to show our ability to create and maintain an effective work flow. Work on framing, sheathing, insulating, and EIFS was all being done at the same time. Our crews worked with the other trades to ensure the overall flow of the job was effective and efficient, no matter how challenging the situation was.


The large quantity of EIFS on the exterior offered our plastering crew an opportunity to showcase their quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The elaborate cornice shapes and finish colors were perfectly matched to the existing building, giving a seamless look flowing from the existing building to the new addition.

This was another great project that we are proud to have had a leading role in constructing.