Sanford's Children's Hospital

Sioux Falls, SD

The Castle

Building any Hospital is not only a challenge, but it is also a truly rewarding experience.  Then add the fact that this hospital specializes in the cancer treatment for children and it brings it to an entirely different level.  We are extremely proud to have teamed up with the Henry Carlson Company/JE Dunn to construct the Sanford Children's Hospital, or as it is better know, "The Castle".

We employed up to 66 highly skilled craftsmen on this project to complete it on time and within budget.  The "Castle" theme created some unique challenges and also a lot of fun!  Check out the 5 roof peaks that were pre-fabricated with Light Gauge Steel Trusses on the ground and hoisted to the rooftop in one piece with a crane.  Walk the corridors and follow the winding, radius and multi-curved soffits as you go.  Enjoy the play stations where you will find miniature castles fully equipped with turrets, all made from steel studs and gypsum board.  Walk though the connecting ground line or skywalk into the adjoining MB3 building, all constructed with light gauge framing and EIFS.